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Peshtemal Towels

30+ Uses for Your Peshtemal

Peshtemals are known for their versatility. Even so, you’ll be surprised how many ways you can use one of these traditional Turkish towels! (Peshtemals are sometimes called a fouta towel or hammam towel.)

You can use your peshtemal towel as a…
1. Bath towel
2. Hair towel
3. Beach towel
4. Sarong/pareo/beach coverup
5. Shawl
6. End of bed blanket
7. Sofa throw
8. Scarf
9. Travel blanket on a plane or train
10. Impromptu picnic blanket
11. Wall art/tapestry
12. Yoga mat cover
13. Kitchen tablecloth/runner
14. Stroller cover
15. Patio chair blanket
16. Boat towels
17. Bedroom dresser runner
18. Blanket fort!
19. Seat cover in public transit
20. Makeshift sling
21. Nursing cover
22. Receiving blanket
23. Camping towel
24. Chaise lounge cover
25. Curtains in your home or RV
26. Gym or spa towel
27. Door tapestry
28. Pet blanket
29. Roll up into a travel neck-wrap/travel pillow
30. Headscarf
31. Tied around the waist as an apron