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5 Alternative Uses for a Peshtemal

Peshtemal towels are the hot new trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Why? Everyone LOVES them because they are so incredibly versatile.

You already know that a peshtemal towel can be an amazing, lightweight, quick-drying bath and hair towel. But, they have thousands of other uses as well! And, they look so stylish and chic no matter how you use them!

1. Use It as a Bath Mat

These towels are super absorbent, and will easily soak up drops of water as you towel down with a matching peshtemal!

2. Say Hello to a Beautiful Table Runner

Elegant and modern, a peshtemal is a perfect table runner for everyday use, casual brunches and evening dinners.

3. Get Sporty!

Kick your workout gear up a notch. Peshtemals are an ideal yoga mat cover and great for use at the gym.

4. Decorate Your Nest

So purpose-filled, so practical… a peshtemal makes a fabulous bed throw or sofa throw.

5. Explore the World with Your Peshtemal

Did we mention versatile?! A peshtemal is the perfect travel companion, as it takes up so little space. You can use it as a picnic blanket on hikes, or roll it up as a pillow on your next airplane trip.(It also makes a convenient in-flight blanket.) Take it camping with you, and use it as a towel, a sarong after swimming or as a shawl around your shoulders on a chilly night.

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