A Bathtub with a View

Sliding into a warm bath is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So imagine how much more pleasant it would be if you could enjoy soaking up the suds while looking out at a postcard-perfect view. Here, we take a look at some of the most spectacular vistas seen from the comfort of the bathtub.

A little rustic, a little decorative, entirely awesome. Gazing out at the countryside while melting your cares away in the tub… Sounds perfect.

Source: Meghan Carter via Pinterest

Or how about looking out over the trees and houses below? You hardly need bathroom reading when you’ve got a scene like this to keep your imagination busy.

Source: We Heart It via Pinterest

When it comes to views, it’s hard to beat the Amalfi Coast. With this bathroom at Italy’s Hotel Miramar, you can take in one of the world’s great splendors while enjoying the simple things in life.

Source: TripAdvisor via Pinterest

This tub lets you leave the big-city worries behind and spend a few minutes (or hours) getting a new perspective on the daily grind. The mirror is a nice touch – double the view, double the enjoyment!

Source: Found via Pinterest

An idyllic winter scene, right outside your bathroom window. All that snow makes the bath feel even warmer and cozier.

Source: Found via Pinterest

If you’re looking for a more majestic winter landscape, look no further. Sprawling, epic and utterly decadent. The chandelier is perfectly at home.

Source: Found Via Pinterest

What’s your dream view from the bathtub? Let us know!