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Bathroom Attics: Eight Top Looks

These days, people are getting more creative than ever about their home expansion projects. Instead of buying a bigger space, they’re making use of hidden treasures to build new master bedrooms and bathrooms. Case in point: the attic bathroom. Here are a few high-level beauties we couldn’t resist sharing with you.

Warm. Vibrant. Enticing. This art deco attic bathroom reaches new heights in home décor.

Via Pinterest, via Libby Judson

Absolutely stunning. Love the A-lines and the symmetrical sinks.

Via Pinterest, Via Elle Decor

This minimalist room makes great use of space. What more do you need for a dream bathroom than a fabulous tub, front and center? We’re big fans of the multiple windows and checkered floor.

Via Pinterest, pinned from Mita Mita

What a charming, cozy little nook!

Via Pinterest, pinned from Alanna Edwards

That ceiling! That tub! Simply “Wow.” Love how the surround matches the walls.

Via Pinterest, pinned from Tracy de Smidt

This gorgeous ensuite to an attic bedroom is not only easy on the eyes, but offers smart storage solutions, too. Nothing wrong with that!

Via Pinterest, pinned from Sarah Donnelly

Fabulous open concept shower that perfectly fits into the attic space.

Via Pinterest, pinned from Angela Miller

The shutters, the clawfoot tub, the wooden stool – imagine the picture-perfect afternoons you could spend soaking up the suds in this bathroom. Lovely!

Via Pinterest, pinned from Dara Thomas

Any of these wonderful rooms would be perfectly at home in our attics. Which one would you choose?