7 Savvy Earth Day Ideas for Old Towels

April 22, 2012 / in

Today is Earth Day, and around the world people are engaging in a billion acts of green – activities to raise awareness and promote environmental awareness. We thought we would gather together some eco-conscious tips that relate to (you guessed it!) towels. Don’t send towels off to the landfill. Here are a few ways to salvage old towels, by reusing or recycling.

Donate them to Your Local Church, Mission or Women’s Shelter – If your towels are in good/unworn condition, help make someone’s life a little better.

Donate Old Towels to Your Local Animal Shelter – Animal shelters need old towels and blankets to help make animals comfortable and to dry them off after baths.

Household Rags – Old, worn towels can easily be cut into rags to be used for the car, garage and cleaning. Keep an old full-size towel in your mudroom for Fido on those rainy/muddy days.

Kid’s Beach Cover Up – Me Sew Crazy has a brilliantly simply and cute pattern for a knit cover up. Why not use a soft older towels?

Spa & Beach Wraps – Centsational Girl made a super cute mom & daughter spa towel wrap from her old towels. And, this beach sarong by Instructables is very chic, with a definite 60s vibe.

Towel Totes – Use your old towels to take your new towels to the beach! Scroll down this page from ehow to see the easy-peasy directions for sewing your own towel tote bag.

Animal Beds – For kitty or poochy, make a cozy bed from plush towels that have seen better days.

Do you have ideas for old towels? Share them with us!

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