Bathroom Design: Wood, Three Ways

August 11, 2014 / in

There’s something oddly calming about elements of nature in the bathroom. Maybe that’s the reason why today —more than ever— spas choose to incorporate materials, like wood, into their spaces. Not only does it work in a multitude of styles, wood also comes in many forms which is all the better for decorating! Here are three ways that you can use it in your space:

The bathroom in this Namibian hotel sticks to wood’s true shape (pun intended!). We love how this log sink concept is really just a piece of art:

Source: via Pinterest

Raw on the bottom, sculpted on top! This bathroom creates a practical piece with a built in sink while preserving most of its natural texture:

Source: via Pinterest

One of wood’s compelling factors? Each cut comes with its own personal pattern and colour. Accentuate yours with a sleek style like this modern vanity:

Source: via Pinterest

We hope we’ve inspired you to tackle a new textile in your bathroom! To complete the wooden look, throw in a set of naturally fluffy towels, like our Bamboo Collection.


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