Bathrooms With a Natural Appeal

November 13, 2013 / in

With an environmentally friendly design spreading into the mainstream, is it really a surprise that incorporating natural elements into the bathroom was a top trend of 2013? Expect to see more materials like sustainable and reclaimed wood in bathroom design in 2014.  Join us as we go back to basics with some of our favorite looks incorporating natural wood.

This bathroom uses wooden beams and a stone accent wall (see the mirror) to achieve its earthy look. (Psst… doesn’t this space remind you of a spa?)

Source: Planete Deco via Pinterest

One of wood’s many perks is that it adds natural warmth to any space. See how it transforms this otherwise grey and white bathroom?

Source: via Pinterest

For a rustic, fresh-from-the-earth feel, go with a piece like this vanity. Its raw edge adds texture to the sleek, modern space:

Source: via Pinterest

Isn’t this barn-board wall great? We love how the wood isn’t too stained or finished— keeping it as natural as possible:

Source: Luxe Magazine via Pinterest

And if you really want to feel at one with Mother Nature, take a dip in one of these…

Source: TopImpex via Pinterest

We hope we’ve inspired you to be more down-to-earth in your decorating. Enjoy!


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