Bathrooms with a View

February 1, 2015 / in

What better way to start – or end – your day than by soaking in a luxurious tub while gazing at a spectacular view? These breathtaking bathrooms are equal parts relaxation and inspiration. Let them wash over you…

Too good to be true? The framed view of the Amalfi Coast looks more like a painting than a window. Love the complementary tiles – ceramic, Italian, gorgeous!

Source: via Pinterest

An open window to the Tuscan countryside – utterly divine. The clawfoot tub is the perfect finishing touch:

Source: Designers Block via Pinterst

Adore this fabulous peekaboo look. Enjoy a glimpse of the outdoors while basking in the comfort of a swanky home:

Source: Houzz via Pinterst

Modern style, mountain view, gazing out on a gorgeous pool… This one is hard to beat:


With bathrooms like these, getting clean would be the highlight of any day.

Whatever your décor, you can always wrap up your bath by stepping into a cozy, luxury Turkish towel. The perfect finish to a perfect moment.


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