Change Your Stripes – Five Fabulous Bathroom Looks

January 9, 2014 / in

The great thing about stripes is that you can take them in pretty much any direction you want. Go bold or understated, classic or modern, all while experimenting with patterns that give your bathroom exactly the look you’re after.

Here’s a favorite of ours – the stripes play with depth and perception, capturing a kind of Alice in Wonderland vibe:

Source: The Decorista via Pinterest

This bold and beautiful bathroom goes for clean lines and a classy feel:

Source: Spring In Paris via Pinterest

How about this pinstripe outfit? Talk about doing it up in style!

Source: SuiteLife Designs via Pinterest

You can always go for a softer, subtler look, like this aqua and white striped bathroom:

Source: HouseBeautiful via MSN

And who says stripes always have to be the center of attention? We love how this room pulls in other prints and patterns for a unique, colorful look:

Source: Cristina Sampaolesi via Pinterest

Whatever your tastes, stripes offer a fun way to dress up your bathroom. Let the makeovers begin! (And don’t forget to pick up some luxury towels while you’re at it!)


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