Children’s Bathrooms: Five Fun, Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

January 30, 2013 / in

You can have a lot of fun designing bathrooms for the kids in your life. There are practical things to consider, like making it easier for them to reach sinks and towels. And then, of course, there are the colors and decorations that make bathrooms extra appealing for “youngens.” Here are a few great looks that show the many ways you can create a fabulous children’s bathroom.

Color is a great way to start. These reds, greens and yellows easily turn bathroom into playroom. And we really like the fun shapes of the sink bowls and mirrors.


This bathroom does a nice job of combining “adult” sensibilities – the more subdued tub and tiles – with vibrant colors on the wallpaper and in the shelves.

Of course, color isn’t the only way to make your bathroom kid-friendly. This one stays neutral and sophisticated, adding the child factor with classy owl decals that complement the room’s décor.

Here’s another gorgeous example of how neutral tones can still reflect a youthful presence. The room has a totally grown-up vibe, but there’s no missing that lovely baby photo. This one also keeps things practical: towels are easy to grab from a floor-level basket, and the white stepladder makes hand washing easy for people with little legs.

It looks like a lot of kids scrub down in this bathroom! These adorable stools, towel racks and hampers make it easy for children to clean up after themselves. The mix of pastels and brighter colors works well, creating a cheerful, airy space.

With creative designs like these, it’s easy to make bath time even better – for the kids and for you. Happy splashing!

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