Creating Space With Floating Vanities

September 10, 2012 / in

Of all the ways to revamp your bathroom and make the space look bigger than it is, we think floating vanities are one of the most fun. They’re a growing trend among decorators (professionals and hobbyists alike), and it’s easy to see why. (Vanity by Pitsou Kedem Architects)

The simple act of raising your vanity off the floor opens up so many possibilities. Suddenly, flooring seems to stretch on forever.

(Photo via The Red Pin)

Adding lighting under the vanity cabinet creates an even more dramatic, expansive look.

(Photo via Houzz)

Choosing a floating vanity that matches your wall makes it look like a natural extension, stretching out from the background and lending the room a streamlined appearance.

(Photo via House to Home)

There are endless combinations of shapes, sizes and materials out there. Opt for small and decorative, or pick something with a bit more heft so you’ll have plenty of storage room.

(Photo via Duravit, Darling New Series)

Floating vanities offer a great way to open up your bathroom without taking out any walls. And, with their sleek, contemporary design and cool simplicity, they’re sure to stand the test of time. We love how the horizontal lines of the floating vanity is reflected in the mirror, the bench and the ribbon window.

(Photo via Decorpad)

If you’re planning on installing a floating vanity yourself, we recommend watching this Bob Vila video for some useful tips. Good luck, and enjoy your new space!

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