Feel-Good Towels: Ethically Made to Last

April 26, 2015 / in

white Zenith bath sheetsBundling up in a soft, luxurious Turkish towel should be a feel-good experience – and not just for your skin. You want a product that is made to last, from the materials to the manufacturing process. And that includes treating workers in a sustainable manner.

The Turkish Towel Company is a proud partnership of two families – one based in Boston MA, and the other in Denilzi, Turkey. All employees in our Turkish manufacturing facility receive fair wages that adhere to European Union standards. But fair trade amounts to much more than simply fair wages; it’s about creating a respectful and rewarding work environment.

We happily provide our workers with free transportation, hot lunches and daily snack breaks. We also ensure that our operations are as ethical as possible, using only safe dyes and procedures. All Turkish Towel Company products are certified OEKO-TEX® – an international standard that sets limits on close to 200 potentially harmful substances and chemicals, including phthalates and VOC emissions. With this certification, we can guarantee that our processes are free of harmful heavy metals like lead and arsenic, as well as many allergy-inducing and irritating chemicals.

The next time you’re shopping for towels (or any product), have a look at the label. See how it’s made, from a quality standpoint; it’s important to bring home a product that will serve you well. And give some thought to the manufacturing process. You want a towel that feels good on the outside. But you can also buy one that will help raise us all up – an ethically made towel that benefits everyone involved, from first weave to first bath.


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