Get Creative with Bathroom Storage

October 25, 2012 / in

We never bought into the idea that bathroom storage is limited to linen closets or cupboards under the sink. There are plenty of playful ways to stack and display everyday bathroom items, saving space and creating a beautiful look all at once. Here are a few nifty takes on storage that get us excited…

Leave no space forgotten! A simple shelf above the door makes a great spot for towels and other linens, without cluttering the bathroom or creeping onto valuable floor space.


Ditto for the back of your door. And instead of hooks, try towel racks to maximize your space.

For storage items you’re happy to display front and center, we recommend something a little different, like these vintage shelves. Practical and stylish!

Or how about an antique suitcase standing in as a wall cabinet?

Shelves aren’t limited to bedrooms and studies. We’re claiming the “bathshelf” as the perfect spot to stack toiletries – for easy access and aesthetic appeal.

Never underestimate the importance of a good drawer organizer – it restores order to a space that could otherwise become a messy black hole for accessories. And, really, the place where we store brushes shouldn’t make us want to tear our hair out.

Be smart about empty space – fill it up just right, and see how quickly your life becomes uncluttered.

Don’t be shy about adding a splash of color here and there. It’s your bathroom – make it fun!

Do you have a fav way of organizing your toiletries? Let us know!

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