Glamorous Gold – Five Easy Looks for Your Bathroom

February 26, 2014 / in

When minimalist style swept onto the scene, it seemed as though gold in the bathroom would soon be a thing of the past as its extravagance didn’t quite fit the modern mold. However, this rich color has resurfaced and in a variety of bathroom designs. To convince you that gold isn’t as overwhelming in the bathroom as you may think, we’ve found some looks to ease you into it:

If you’re not completely sold on gold, start small with a gold faucet. We like how these stand out nicely against the black & white room:

Source: Pinterest via Sarah Sarna

Want a little more? Try a gold sink and mirror. Offset it with white for a timeless classic look:

Source: Pinterest via

We love the creative tile work in this bathroom! The gold accents paired with the white really brightens up the room:

Source: Pinterest via Issuu

If the commitment of gold tile scares you, go for a less permanent option— wallpaper, like this gorgeous choice from Osborne & Little. The walls of this bathroom add warmth to the space:

Source: Pinterest via DecorPad

Be bold with full-out gold walls! For a chic look, pair them with grey pieces like this bathroom vanity:

Source: Pinterest via Layla Grace

We hope we’ve helped you embrace gold in your bathroom. Have fun!


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