Hanging with the Best: Our Peshtemal Towels make the Top Rung

June 4, 2014 / in ,

Talk about warm and fuzzy – we’re thrilled that our Peshtemal towels got an A+ from a recent independent review. The in-depth study compared a number of high-quality towels to see how they measured up for price, absorbency, drying time and durability.

Our thin, flat-woven cotton Peshtemals from Turkey made the grade as a lighter weight alternative to the heavier GSM towels, so we were tossed into the pile for some more rigorous testing. All towels were washed and dried twice, then assessed for water-holding capacity, drying time and single-pass drying capability.

Peshtemal towels stack up well

Turkish Towel Company’s Peshtemal came through with flying colors. From a durability standpoint, testing showed that it “washed up wonderfully” and had a fringe that “looked just as good out of the dryer as it did brand new.” The review pointed out that high-quality woven Peshtemal towels, like ours, should last upwards of a decade, partly because they aren’t prone to snags, as there are no loops in the fabric.

For drying time, our Peshtemal towel outperformed the competition by a mile. Starting from 40% saturation, the Peshtemal was 99% dry within four hours, while none of the other towels were even 90% dry after more than six hours. The Peshtemal was also tested for drying power when saturated to nearly double its weight (demonstrating impressive absorption!), and was totally dry in less than six hours. On top of that, our product succeeded in drying skin completely in one pass, “as any good 100% cotton towel should.”

The lightweight Peshtemal scored bonus points for being so easy to pack and store. Folded flat, it takes up about as much space as a dress shirt, and serves just as well as a cover-up or wrap as it does a towel. (In fact, the fabric is so ideal for covering up, we offer Peshtemal Robes, perfect for the bath, beach and beyond.)

The final score? Our Peshtemals are among the very best towels for durability, and THE best for drying time. They’re also beautiful, soft and lightweight, making them highly versatile – and highly desirable.


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