Lapping It Up in 3 Luxury Bathtubs

July 11, 2012 / in

You know you’re sitting in the lap of luxury when your bathtub costs more than a new sports car – or 10. Wealthier shoppers are trending toward very exclusive tubs made of precious materials. We’d say they’re priceless, but they come with some pretty hefty tags. Still, it’s fun to imagine soaking up the suds in these incredible baths, with a cushy, fluffy Zenith towel close at hand for when you’re finally ready to get out. Feast your eyes on three tubs fit for a king or queen – or both!

Kallista Archeo Copper Bathtub – $69,695

This stunning solid-copper Kallista soaker was handcrafted by the same coppersmiths who restored the Statue of Liberty’s torch. It’s 21” deep and holds up to 71 gallons of water, which stays warm longer than most bathwater thanks to copper’s impressive heat conduction properties.


Baldi Rock Crystal Bathtub – $790,310

Designed by Luca Bojola for Italian interiors firm, Baldi, there were only three of these tubs made. Amazingly, this three-person bath was carved from a single piece of rock crystal found in the Amazon Rainforest. Its sculptors smoothed most of the surfaces over with diamond cuts, but left some of its underside a little rough around the edges to reveal its natural beauty.

Caijou Le Grand Queen Bathtub – 1.7 million

The pièce de résistance is this exquisite tub carved from caijou, a rare gemstone found in Indonesia and believed to have exceptional healing properties. Designed by Simon Krapf, a team of master stonemasons spent hundreds of hours polishing and milling the stone until it was ready to be handcrafted.

These bathtubs definitely make quite a splash, even for those of us who will only ever look on in wonder.

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