The Busy Mom

May 1, 2012 / in

In our little tongue-in-cheek quiz  “Which Robe for Mom?” we presented some different types of Moms. (Click on the graphic there to the left to take a peek.)  There’s a good chance your Mom is a bit of all of them. This week, leading up to Mother’s Day, we thought we would profile each type. Like you, we all have a Mom we love very much and we would like to pay tribute to mothers everywhere.

The Busy Mom – The busy Mom does it all: she manages kids, career, home and social life. She shuttles the kids to piano practice, schedules in a coffee with a friend and plans dinner with ease. Her to-do list and schedule is the stuff of legend, but she carries it off with panache.

She juggles the multiple hats of awesome mom and partner, fearless friend, domestic goddess, caring daughter and mentor. She’s on the go, with seemingly endless energy. She’s not the type to lie around and do nothing, but appreciates her downtime fully because she knows that balance is the key to life.

This type of Mom tends to shower rather than take long baths. However, with a plush velour shower wrap, a shower can be just as decadent as an hour-long soak. We think the busy Mom would appreciate this gorgeous, super-soft wrap, which is currently on sale for $37.50 until May 7, 2012:

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