The Lowdown on Ring-Spun Cotton Towels

August 2, 2012 / in

Zenith towelsTowels, like most things, come in all shapes, sizes – and, of course, textures. In the case of cotton towels, their textural differences are due to the variety of methods used to make them. We craft only Turkish ring-spun cotton towels because they tend to be the softest and most durable. So we thought it was time to give you the skinny on the ring-spun cotton that goes into our plush products and how it makes our towels so cozy and durable.

Cotton Spinning

Before raw cotton can adorn your bathroom in rectangular form, perfectly complementing your décor while offering a soft, soothing post-shower hug, it has to be processed. That process, called spinning, involves drawing and twisting the cotton fibers to produce strong, compacted thread (or yarn).

Back in the Day

Today, cotton thread is processed in textile factories on large electric looms. But once upon a time, raw cotton had to be handspun into workable thread. By the early 19th century, cotton makers graduated to spinning frames run by foot pedals, and those were soon followed by steam-powered frames. It wasn’t until the late 1800s that electricity entered the picture, transforming the cotton industry and setting it up to become the powerhouse it is now.

The Right Type of Towel

Towels can be made from ring-spun, combed or twisted fiber, and each has a different feel. Because our luxury towels are designed to last, we always make our towels with ring-spun cotton, which is made by tightly twisting long and short threads together to create the strongest, smoothest, softest yarn possible.

Caring for your Ring-Spun Towels

Now you know – well-made ring-spun cotton towels are pure luxury. They’re highly durable, so they can withstand repeated washing and drying, and their colors won’t fade over time. Still, our Towel Care tips offer a few valuable pointers to make sure your towels just keep going and going…

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