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September 25, 2012 / in

Have you been following BlogTour London on Twitter (#BlogTourLDN)? It’s been an intense, wonderful, fun-filled, eye-opening time, and I’ve only lived it vicariously through the many talented designers, stylists, and bloggers!! If you love beautiful design, and how stunning, efficient design can be embraced and celebrated in our lives every day, then the annual BlogTour events are for you. (By the way, read James Bedell’s fabulously insightful piece about the importance of these efforts and outreach.)

We wanted to share some of the many beautiful bath design pieces that caught our eye. First, Samuel Heath, BlogTourLDN sponsor and manufacturer of luxury bath fittings. There were a few surprises – who knew the company carried hardware?? What Samuel Heath does brilliantly is update traditional styles with a contemporary look for a fresh and unique design.

The incredible Igor Josif (check out his blog Happy Interior Blog) generously shared photos of his finds, the tour and the showrooms, including the Samuel Heath showroom. He wrote that he was “particularly smitten by the glam inspired products in dark shades, black monochrome faucets, and shiny details that adds a glam factor to any bathroom.”

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the  ab fab Victoria and Albert Baths, which Modenus calls “tubs to love“. (We agree!) The sleek lines, the quality of craftsmanship, the sheer gorgeousness of it all. No wonder Maryam (My Marrakesh) wrote, “Holy smokes, talk about a chic bath.” (Shown: V&A’s Barcelona bath)


Prior to BlogTour, Cheryl Kees Clendenon wrote about her anticipation of seeing the Lapicida showroom on Kings Rd as did Patti Johnson who shares her thoughts and some spectacular ideas here. And Lapicida delivered, wowing the “Fab 14” as well as us on this side of the pond with this stunner.


The always elegant Blanco once again was a BlogTour sponsor. Our friend, Igor, proclaimed this eye-catching sink his favorite! And, who are we to argue?!!


Let’s not forget flooring. Amtico, a BlogTour sponsor, a pioneer in resilient flooring, showcased how flooring can be highly durable and oh-so eye-catching at the same time. To learn more about the company and some of its many products, check out Jennifer’s post Amtico: Vinyl on a Whole New Level.(And please follow the lovely @decaporter – she’s fun and savvy!)

(Photo via Amtico.)

We were pleased to be BlogTour’s official robe sponsor – you can read our Storify story here. And, until the 27th ONLY, our Shawl Collar Organic, the same cozy robe the BlogTourLDN group received and the same one we supply to high-end boutique hotels and spas, is on sale at 30% off.

I wish I could fit in everyone, but you can follow them here and bookmark their blogs as they continue to write about their London finds, design trends and how design brings out the best in our homes and our lives.

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