Three Storage Ideas for your Small Bathroom

July 18, 2015 / in

Bathrooms can (and should!) be beautiful. They also have to be practical and functional. It can be a challenge to fit all the things you need in your bathroom without creating a design disaster. Here are a few handy ways to get good use out of your space without ruining the décor.

These slide-out drawers are elegant. They also eliminate the need to dive into the depths of your cabinet every time you need something. Perfect!

Source: KitchenCraft via Pinterest

Form meets function! This unique (and lovely) tub finds a great use for space that would otherwise go to waste:

Source: Curbed NY via Pinterest

Who says bathroom wall space is only for mirrors and towel racks? These hanging shelves offer a stylish storage solution – one that’s triple-decker, no less!

Source: HGTV via Pinterest


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