Tips to Solve Your Top 5 Bath Towel Problems

December 18, 2019 / in

Problem 1: They Smell Funky

Baking soda naturally eliminates musty odors that may have built up – say, if you left damp towels lying around in a gym bag or in a pile on the bathroom floor. Just mix half a cup of baking soda with your normal amount of detergent.


Problem 2: They Don’t Feel Soft

Once again, baking soda comes to the rescue! By using baking soda, as directed above, it will help loosen up fibers and clean off any chemicals or grime, making your towels softer.


Problem 3: They Don’t Absorb Water

This often happens with newer towels. Washing and drying towels four-to-six times or more may help increase absorbency. Laundering helps the cotton fibers “bloom” ensuring maximum absorbency and softness.


Also, make sure to eliminate any fabric softeners. Fabric softeners contain silicon that will make towels water repellent, so they won’t get as good a wash and they become less absorbent when drying off.


Problem 4: They are Stiff

Towels feel stiff because they start to build up soapy residue. By using half detergent than suggested, your machine’s rinse cycle will have an easier time washing out those last pesky bits of soap. Another solution? Simply add one cup of white vinegar about every six weeks; this will remove any soapy residue and restore them to full absorbency.


Problem 5: They Take a Long Time to Dry

Heavier weight towels do take longer to dry. If you are looking to save energy and/or reduce drying time, consider making the move to a mid-weight towel, like a Peshterry. These towels can cut drying time by at least 1/3.

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