Vintage Bathrooms: Seven Great Looks for Your Home

February 20, 2013 / in

One of the best things about vintage décor is this: While your room may feature antiques, its look will never get old. Whether you incorporate aged mirrors, treasured family knick-knacks or retro-inspired fixtures, having a vintage bathroom creates a timeless, classic look that makes the bathing experience all the more enjoyable. See how these bathrooms bring a touch of vintage to the everyday.

Step into this cozy alcove and feel your troubles drift away, like so many soapy suds down the drain… Everything from the lighting fixture, to the shutters, to the chair, cries out “vintage,” and we adore it.

This nifty wallpaper is the perfect complement to the blue cabinet and gorgeous dish atop. Feeling blue never looked so good.

The fabulous photos go a long way toward creating a vintage feel, but there’s so much more to enjoy. The peaked ceiling, the radiator, the claw foot tub and the antique carrying case… This bathroom is a thing of beauty.

Sometimes all it takes is a single piece of furniture to lend a room that vintage look. This gorgeous chest + vanity does the trick.

This standing cabinet has a similar effect, bringing a good dose of vintage without necessitating a complete bathroom renovation.

If you’re looking for a full vintage theme, how about this French country-style bathroom? The delicate gauzy curtains, the antique-inspired lighting fixtures, the candleholders and cloth hanging – everything comes together perfectly.

Stepping into the Mediterranean always does a body good. This chic bathroom is exquisite and utterly vintage.

Of course, if you’re going vintage, it’s hard to beat beautiful bare wood. Here, the furniture and raised platform make the claw foot tub look perfectly at home.

When it comes to vintage décor, there’s so much to play with. Decide how big you want to go, then pick a style that says “you” and bring your bathroom up to date – with a good old-fashioned look and feel.



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