The Waffle Terry Robe: From Inception to Perfection

March 7, 2012 / in

Have you seen our new Waffle Terry Robe? Looks very chic, n’est pas? I thought I’d share the back-story, and why that robe took us over two years to develop. You read that correctly, over two years!!

The waffle terry robe is an elegant waffle weave on the exterior of the robe, with a cozy terry interior. But don’t be fooled! Its simple, contemporary look hides an inner complexity!

Traditionally, because the two different weaves shrink at different rates these types of robes were made by stitching together two separate pieces of fabric: the exterior waffle weave sewn to an interior terry weave lining. Often, the robes are left open at the bottom to prevent puckering, and allow for the reaction of the two different weaves to heat in the dryer.

Here at the Turkish Towel Company, we are serious about creating products that are, quite simply, better. Better quality, better looking, and better made.

Working with our partners at our state-of-the art weaving facility in the towel-making region of Denizli, we set about designing and developing a single weave that was waffle on one side and terry on the other.

This is no easy task.

Because the two weaves are slightly different weights, a waffle weave is thinner and more defined than a plusher terry, getting the right balance between the two sides of a simultaneously woven product was an ongoing effort. It had to, of course, look beautiful, with an even waffle pattern on the outside, and a soft terry on the interior. But just as importantly, it had to be able to withstand washing and drying, and ensure that both sides would react to dryer heat the same way. It took two years of weaving, testing and adjustments to get the balance just right.

Check out our Waffle Terry Robes, available in white and cream.

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