Why Buy Hotel-Quality Towels?

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Zenith Bath Towels all colors

As consumers, we take the time to research our next car, our next washer and dryer… but rarely our next set of towels! But why not? They are a long-term investment. And, a good quality towel will last you two or three times longer than a discount towel. Yes, you might pay a little longer, but it’s made to last and the return on that investment will be felt every time you wrap that towel around you for years to come.

And here’s why.

Many towels in the retail setting are “hotel towels” in name only. Here at The Turkish Towel Company, we got our start in the business manufacturing towels specifically for the hotel industry. We make every towel we sell. We’re not just an importer. So, we have full control over the quality and that makes a huge difference in the longevity and lifespan of a product.

Zenith 6-piece bath set

Towels designed and created for the hotel industry must be able to withstand the intense laundry conditions. Our towels are built for Towelgevity™ – the new standard in quality.

This means we start with the very best premium Turkish cotton. Why not use Egyptian cotton? Egyptian cotton is extremely absorbent, making it ideal for apparel and sheets. But when used for towels, that extra absorbency can be problematic, as it soaks up moisture and takes a long time to dry. Turkish cotton provides the perfect balance between absorbency and softness. That’s why we always use it in our towels. Our cotton yarn is also mercerized, increasing its sheen, strength, ability to hold color, and resistance to mildew.

What’s next? A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and an eye for detail on how the towels are made. All of our towels and bathrobes are woven in our modern production facility by Swiss made computer controlled weaving equipment. Particular attention is paid to the stitching and finishing of all products. All our towels are double-stitched along the lengths to avoid fraying and for added stability.

Then we make sure that our towels are perfect. They are inspected four times.

  1. After weaving
  2.  After dyeing
  3. After stitching
  4. Random spot checks

While towels from The Turkish Towel Company may cost more initially, in the long run it costs a lot less as it will easily outlast towels of inferior quality.

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