Why Organic is Win-Win

August 13, 2020 / in ,

Organic cotton is a sustainable solution for weaving towels, as no genetically modified seeds are used and cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. By prohibiting the use of petroleum-based fertilizers and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, organic farming practices help reduce our carbon footprint and combat climate change.

But there are so many benefits for the towel owner as well! Because organic cotton has long staples and hasn’t been processed with harmful chemicals, it feels softer and is more breathable than conventional cotton. And, you can rest assured that your family is safe from any yucky toxins.

Organic Cotton by the Numbers

In one year alone, by growing organic cotton instead of conventional cotton, farmers saved:

  • 218 liters of water = 87,201 Olympic sized pools
  • 288.7 million kilowatts of energy = 60w bulb going for 549,314 years
  • 92.5 million kg of C02 = driving the average car around the world 13,572 times


Benefits to the Environment

Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton uses:

  • 62% less energy
  • 92% less water
  • 46% less greenhouse gas emissions


Benefits to Farmers

  • Gives more control to farmers
  • More biodiversity
  • Improved safety and health


Benefits to Consumers

  • Healthier for your skin
  • Reduced allergic reactions
  • No exposure to toxins


Organic + Oeko-Tex

Here at the Turkish Towel Company, all of our products are Oeko-Tex certified. One of the world’s highest standards, Oeko-Tex is about how the fabric is processed, including things like dyes and finishes. Oeko-Tex textiles and fabrics are certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use.

When you combine organic cotton and Oeko-Tex certification, you simply have one of the best products to put on and near your skin.

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