Why Turkish Cotton Towels are the Perfect Choice for Towels

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When you are shopping around for towels, there’s a ton of choice: different styles, different weights, different colors, different types of cotton. When it comes down to style, weight and color, that’s a very personal choice.

But in terms of cotton, Turkish cotton is an excellent choice for bath towels, bath sheets and washcloths, and here’s why.


When shopping for towels, you’ll often come across the Egyptian vs. Turkish cotton debate. Egyptian cotton is known for its absorbency, which is awesome for thinner products like apparel and bed sheets. However, in towels Egyptian cotton can be a little too absorbent. It takes longer to dry and remains wet long after use, increasing the risk of that dreaded mildew/musky smell.

Turkish cotton is a long staple cotton that is also plush and absorbent. However, Turkish cotton has the perfect amount of absorbency to effectively remove water from your body. It’s more efficient cotton for drying quicker, preventing any funky smells. (It’s also a perfect choice if your bathroom doesn’t have great ventilation or airflow.)


Turkish cotton is long fiber cotton and is grown in the small but productive Aegean Region. Long-staple Turkish cotton has a reputation for being the longest, strongest and finest cotton fibers in the world. Using a longer fiber cotton when spinning the yarn means fewer joins, and results in stronger and incredibly smooth cotton thread that will feel so much better against your body. And, if that weren’t good enough, Turkish cotton towels become softer and fluffier with each successive wash.


A luxurious, hotel-quality towel should last a lifetime. As mentioned above, Turkish cotton is known for its strength and durability because of its long-staple. Also, many “hotel quality towels” are hotel-quality in name only. They aren’t manufactured to hold up to the extreme laundering conditions that are demanded by hotels and inns. We got our start in the hotel industry, and the towels you buy here are the same towels you’ll find in some of the best hotels and inns around the world. In a hotel towel, meticulous attention is paid to the stitching and finishing. When shopping, look at the seams and detailing. All our towels are double-stitched along the lengths to avoid fraying and for added stability.

There you have it — when you’re looking for incredible comfort and softness in towel that is absorbent and long-lasting, look for 100% Turkish cotton.

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