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Bathe in white light while you wash up! This one takes our breath away every time we see it. What more could you want from your crush?  

August 19, 2015

Bottoms Up! Cheers to Five Fabulous Bathroom Floors

With all the towel talk and focus on wall color schemes, it can be easy to forget about the thing that holds it all together. That’s right, we’re talking about the bathroom floor. Feast your eyes on these fabulous rooms that get playful underfoot to keep the décor looking up. This patterned tile floor makes […]

March 11, 2015

All that Glitters: Bathrooms with a Heart of Gold (or Copper or Brass or…)

The lights are twinkling, hearts are aglow, and smiles are getting brighter by the day. It’s the perfect time of year to add some sparkle to your décor – for this holiday season and the many months to follow. Here are a few beautiful bathrooms that feature a variety of metal finishes, all bound to […]

December 5, 2014

How to Use Black in the Bathroom

Who knew that just like the little black dress, a little black in the bathroom could be an effortless way to add elegance and style. It may be unconventional but we think this dramatic shade deserves a little more attention— it’s not as gloomy as you may think! To turn you towards the dark side, […]

September 7, 2014

Bathroom Design: Wood, Three Ways

There’s something oddly calming about elements of nature in the bathroom. Maybe that’s the reason why today —more than ever— spas choose to incorporate materials, like wood, into their spaces. Not only does it work in a multitude of styles, wood also comes in many forms which is all the better for decorating! Here are […]

August 11, 2014

Red, White & Blue: Bathrooms to Inspire

It’s almost the Fourth of July so how could we resist presenting some patriotic looks to celebrate? Although decking out the bathroom in stars and stripes would be fun, we’ve found 3 more chic and subtle ways to honor this Independence Day. How you may ask? With a little red, white, and blue! Be bold […]

July 1, 2014

Hanging with the Best: Our Peshtemal Towels make the Top Rung

Talk about warm and fuzzy – we’re thrilled that our Peshtemal towels got an A+ from a recent independent review. The in-depth study compared a number of high-quality towels to see how they measured up for price, absorbency, drying time and durability. Our thin, flat-woven cotton Peshtemals from Turkey made the grade as a lighter […]

June 4, 2014

3 Beautiful Bathtubs with a View – Part 2

It’s impossible… There are too many bathrooms with stunning sights to choose from! Because we couldn’t fit in all of our favorite looks the first time around in Part 1, it’s time for “Bathtubs with a View” take two! Join us as we fantasize about these three scenic spaces: Big lights, beautiful city! The bathrooms […]

June 2, 2014

Make a Bold Bathroom Statement

Your home is your place to have a little fun. You can experiment with styles and décor to discover your inner designer, or dress the place up to impress guests. (Who doesn’t love those “oohs” and “ahhs” when people come over for the first time?) We had fun gathering some absolutely glorious statement pieces that […]

May 6, 2014

It’s All Black + White

There’s something about that classic black + white look – so timeless, so impactful. And so versatile! You can take your bathroom in several directions with those two simple colors. Here are a few looks that caught our eye. This light, bright Hamptons bathroom goes easy on the black, using it to add a touch […]

April 9, 2014

Sliding Barn Doors for the Bathroom

When working with a small bathroom it sometimes feels like all you’re doing is making compromises. Giving up that cute vanity that took up too much space or even that freestanding tub that just didn’t fit. Although we may not be able to get you all the room you need for that claw-foot bathtub of […]

January 15, 2014

Change Your Stripes – Five Fabulous Bathroom Looks

The great thing about stripes is that you can take them in pretty much any direction you want. Go bold or understated, classic or modern, all while experimenting with patterns that give your bathroom exactly the look you’re after. Here’s a favorite of ours – the stripes play with depth and perception, capturing a kind […]

January 9, 2014

From “Meh” to Marvellous!

Think “incredible bathroom” and what do you think of? An amazing view? A beautiful bathtub? Lots of space? When it comes to beautiful bathrooms, there’s a good chance you dream of something like this: However, the reality is probably a little more scaled back. So how can you achieve a high-end feel for a typical […]

November 6, 2013

Where to Store Your Towels? Six Storage Solutions

When it comes to bathroom design, storage seems to be a recurring trouble area. Having too much stuff, too little space and nowhere to put it all leaves a space feeling crowded and messy. To get you back on track towards that retreat you have always wanted, here are some different style solutions for towels […]

August 20, 2013

Small Spaces: Inspiration for Your Half-Bathroom!

Whether you call it a half bathroom, guest bathroom or powder room, these rooms— made up of only a toilet and sink— are often overlooked when it comes to decorating. However, because these seemingly “all work, no play” spaces hold little fixture-wise, there’s more room to go wild when it comes to designing! So to […]

July 30, 2013

Bathroom Bookworms – Five Fabulous Bathroom Libraries

It’s hard to beat bathroom reading. Some of our most relaxing, enjoyable afternoons have been spent soaking in the tub while flipping through the pages of a favorite book or magazine. So, we wanted to give a shout out to some fabulous bathrooms that celebrate the joy of bathroom reading. A librarian’s dream come true […]

July 9, 2013

A Bathtub with a View

Sliding into a warm bath is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So imagine how much more pleasant it would be if you could enjoy soaking up the suds while looking out at a postcard-perfect view. Here, we take a look at some of the most spectacular vistas seen from the comfort of the bathtub. A […]

June 12, 2013

Introducing the Bamboo Collection

We’re delighted to announce the newest collection of towels to join our Turkish Towel Company rack: The Bamboo Collection! These silky-soft bathroom wonders are made of rayon from sustainable bamboo. They’re naturally antibacterial and mildew-resistant, making them the perfect choice for even the most sensitive skin. Our plush new towels have a metric weight of […]

May 13, 2013

The Secret Life of Towels

We thought we would share with you some of the things you don’t see – the behind the scenes look at one of our photo shoots. Here our Creative Director, Carmel, arranges a shot of some of the Zenith colors, making sure the towels are perfectly folded and stacked. Then our talented photographer, Sean, takes […]

March 29, 2013

Six Sensational Sinks

Over the last several years, bathroom sinks have been breaking with tradition in a big way, and no longer have to be the typical oval sink you grew up with. Features like square faucets and freestanding basins have become increasingly popular. But we wanted to take things one step further and explore some truly marvelous […]

February 27, 2013

Get Creative with Bathroom Storage

We never bought into the idea that bathroom storage is limited to linen closets or cupboards under the sink. There are plenty of playful ways to stack and display everyday bathroom items, saving space and creating a beautiful look all at once. Here are a few nifty takes on storage that get us excited… Leave […]

October 25, 2012

Two New Zenith Colors Revealed at ISPA

As beautiful as white space can be, color has a way of bringing a room to life. That’s why we’ve added two spanking-new options to our luxurious Zenith Collection of towels – Tangerine and Silver. Both are glorious this season, but they’ve also got staying power that extends well beyond autumn and Halloween. Tangerine is […]

October 15, 2012

The New Look of Bath Design

Have you been following BlogTour London on Twitter (#BlogTourLDN)? It’s been an intense, wonderful, fun-filled, eye-opening time, and I’ve only lived it vicariously through the many talented designers, stylists, and bloggers!! If you love beautiful design, and how stunning, efficient design can be embraced and celebrated in our lives every day, then the annual BlogTour […]

September 25, 2012

Creating Space With Floating Vanities

Of all the ways to revamp your bathroom and make the space look bigger than it is, we think floating vanities are one of the most fun. They’re a growing trend among decorators (professionals and hobbyists alike), and it’s easy to see why. (Vanity by Pitsou Kedem Architects) The simple act of raising your vanity […]

September 10, 2012