Charming Chartreuse – Color Trend 2015

When it comes to bathrooms, neutrals will always be a safe bet… But why choose normal when you can have extraordinary? This year is proving to be the perfect time for trying a more daring look with Chartreuse being one of the top decorating colors of 2015. This yellow-green mix is a happy, fresh color […]

October 18, 2014

Let’s Talk Bathroom Design with a French Accent

When it comes to styling up a bathroom, we love adding a few French accents here and there. It adds that certain “je ne said quoi,” don’t you think? Nothing says “class” quite like a gorgeous armoire for your towels: How about this timeless look found in the master bathroom of a French-style New Orleans […]

August 19, 2014

Grey is the New Black – Introducing Zenith Steel

You may have heard the talk. Color forecasters and blushing readers alike are calling for shades of grey to leave their mark on this year’s color trend charts. We know better. Grey is more than just on-trend; it’s timeless, made for much more than a few quick bathroom rubdowns. That’s why the newest color in […]

March 25, 2014

Look Up! 6 Bathroom Ceilings that Delight and Inspire

You can change out fixtures, repaint walls and redo flooring but if you’re really looking to shake things up in your bathroom, we think it’s time you pay attention to the ceiling. Think about it! This often forgotten area is your perfect canvas for a little design fun. To inspire you, we’ve found some ceiling […]

March 8, 2014

Glamorous Gold – Five Easy Looks for Your Bathroom

When minimalist style swept onto the scene, it seemed as though gold in the bathroom would soon be a thing of the past as its extravagance didn’t quite fit the modern mold. However, this rich color has resurfaced and in a variety of bathroom designs. To convince you that gold isn’t as overwhelming in the […]

February 26, 2014

Romantic Bathrooms, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

The bathroom is an oasis, where we retreat to relax after a busy or stressful day. But it can also be a romantic hideaway, to escape from the world with your partner and enjoy a luxurious soothing soak in the tub.  We’ve put together some ideas and inspiration – big and small- to create a romantic getaway […]

February 11, 2014

Chinoiserie Chic in the Bathroom

You’ve seen Traditional, gone Country and dabbled in Modern, but lately you’ve been craving something new for your bathroom. Well, we’ve found your latest design adventure! Chinoiserie— ever heard of it? Chances are you’ve seen this style that first came onto the scene in the 17th Century. Aptly named for its Asian influences (chinois is […]

February 5, 2014

Motivation for your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

January is almost over, so you know what that means? If you made any New Year’s fitness resolutions, you’re that much closer to ensuring you stick with them. Statistics show that at the end of January, some 64% of resolvers are still hanging in there; six months later, that number drops to 44%. If you […]

January 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Décor Ideas for the Bathroom

Tis the season for decorating, for sure – festive table clothes are pulled out to brighten up the dining room, fancy pillows are tossed on the living room couch. But what about the room where you get ready to entertain, and where guests go to freshen up? The bathroom sees a lot of traffic over […]

November 26, 2013

Six Sensational Sinks

Today we pay homage to the sink. Yes, the sink— that place where we wash our hands and brush our teeth, but sadly overlook when designing our bathrooms. Even though it’s a high-traffic area, we often leave the job of creating a lasting impression to other fixtures and décor in the room. But we say […]

November 20, 2013

Bathrooms With a Natural Appeal

With an environmentally friendly design spreading into the mainstream, is it really a surprise that incorporating natural elements into the bathroom was a top trend of 2013? Expect to see more materials like sustainable and reclaimed wood in bathroom design in 2014.  Join us as we go back to basics with some of our favorite […]

November 13, 2013

Beautiful Black Bathrooms…

Last week we offered up some ideas for adding a splash of orange to your bathroom and this week, to continue with our theme, it’s time to up the drama and inspire you to consider black!  Allow us to show you how this dark shade is not as scary as you may think: If you’re […]

October 30, 2013

Orange Bathrooms

Maybe it’s the changing color of the leaves or that Halloween is right around the corner, but orange in the bathroom sure is piquing our interest right now. This October color may not be many people’s go-to hue when designing their bath, but you may be surprised how well it works in a variety of […]

October 23, 2013

Celebrity Bathrooms

Okay, we admit it, celebrity bathrooms are our guilty pleasure! But who says we can’t dream? So whether you’re looking for some design ideas of your own or just wanting a peek into the celebrity life, go ahead—indulge with us in these bathroom retreats: What screams ‘luxury’ more than a lot (and we mean A […]

October 18, 2013

5 Dreamy Castle Bathrooms

There’s something about bath time that feels decadent – the warm, cozy suds, that mood lighting, those fluffy Turkish towels… But what if you could take it one step further? What if you could scrub down in the lap of luxury, soaking in a real life castle? Here are a few beautiful bathrooms that look […]

October 10, 2013

Pattern in the Bathroom

With bathrooms being one of the smallest rooms in the house, we tend to slap on a solid color and call it a day— using our more daring ideas elsewhere. However, a bit of pattern in the bathroom can go a long way and create a lasting impression on you and guests alike! To get […]

September 25, 2013

Ideas for Designing a Kids’ Bathroom

There’s no doubt that designing a kids’ bathroom can be a painful task— there’s so much to consider! Creating a room that fits your child’s needs, can easily adapt as they get older, and also appeals to you sounds almost impossible. However, to show you that you can find the perfect balance, we’ve found five […]

September 6, 2013

The Return of Pretty: 5 Beautiful Bathrooms

After years of the minimalist style takeover, the “pretty” bathroom is back and we couldn’t be more excited! Intricate detailing and feminine features are coming out of hibernation but fear not— they’re not as “girly” as you may think. These elegant bathrooms appeal to both genders! Don’t believe us? Check out some of our favorite […]

August 9, 2013

Beautiful Blue – 5 Bathrooms That Inspire!

When we think of blue we can’t help but also think of the terms and feelings so commonly associated with the color. Words such as peace, calm, water and the sky are no doubt great examples as to why the hue does well in the bathroom; we want a space we can retreat into and […]

July 23, 2013

Star Spangled Bathrooms

In honor of July 4th, we wanted to share some fabulously patriotic bathrooms. Have a look at some great ways to work red, white and blue into your décor. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, this charming bathroom may be the way to go. Love the delicate red and blue highlights. Source: Pinterest […]

July 2, 2013

5 Wonderful Bathroom Walls for Inspiration

When people do bathroom renos, they often think of what they can do with the fixtures, accessories, tiles, etc. Too often, the walls get overlooked. We think you should never underestimate the power of your walls to make a statement and bring your bathroom to life. Here are some of our favorite looks, on bathrooms […]

June 26, 2013

What is a Peshtemal Towel?

Peshtemal towels are not your average terry cloth. (Though they are just as absorptive.) A peshtemal (sometimes peshtemal is also spelled pestemal or peshtamal) is also called a fouta or hamman towel.  Peshtemals are large, flat and velvety soft. Inspired by the bath towels used in legendary Turkish spas, these tightly woven creations are extremely […]

May 31, 2013

Color Your World: Seven Spectacular Bathrooms

Now is the time of year when color takes over – in the blossoming trees, the flower-filled gardens and the bright spring fashions. So why shouldn’t color make an appearance in your bathroom? We’ve had a little fun (okay, a LOT of fun!) putting together some of our favorite looks. Warning: These aren’t for the […]

May 24, 2013

Mother’s Day: How to Find the Perfect Robe!

Our Moms love us more than we can ever imagine. They raise our spirits when we feel low, and they give us the confidence to be better human beings. Once a year, we celebrate and show Mom just how much we care and appreciate all she does.  Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away! […]

April 30, 2013