Bathroom Attics: Eight Top Looks

These days, people are getting more creative than ever about their home expansion projects. Instead of buying a bigger space, they’re making use of hidden treasures to build new master bedrooms and bathrooms. Case in point: the attic bathroom. Here are a few high-level beauties we couldn’t resist sharing with you. Warm. Vibrant. Enticing. This […]

April 9, 2013

Seven Smart Storage Solutions

When it comes to home decorating, never underestimate the importance of the “Three Rs.” Of course we’re big on the conventional three. But we like to put our own spin on things, too. Have a look at a few wonderful examples of how you can Repurpose, Redefine and Reimagine standard items to reinvent the bathroom […]

April 4, 2013

5-Star Celebrity Bathrooms

After the recent run of awards shows, it’s clear that celebrities are up on the latest styles. But the red carpet isn’t the only place they’re setting trends. We’ve picked out five gorgeous celebrity bathrooms, decorated by people with the means to spare no expense. Let the stargazing begin! America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock has created […]

March 12, 2013

Eight Enticing Outdoor Bathtubs

Water is nature’s greatest resource, so we think it makes perfect sense to bathe in a natural setting now and then. We’ve put together some enticing outdoor baths designed to get you re-evaluating your backyard and its potential! These eight stunning tubs give new meaning to the phrase “Let’s take it outside.” This enchanted portal […]

March 7, 2013

Vintage Bathrooms: Seven Great Looks for Your Home

One of the best things about vintage décor is this: While your room may feature antiques, its look will never get old. Whether you incorporate aged mirrors, treasured family knick-knacks or retro-inspired fixtures, having a vintage bathroom creates a timeless, classic look that makes the bathing experience all the more enjoyable. See how these bathrooms […]

February 20, 2013

How to Choose Quality Towels

Giving into a hot, relaxing bath is one of life’s simple pleasures. Finishing your bath off by bundling up in a soft, cozy towel is another. But how do you pick a towel that’s right for you and will last for years? How do you discern quality? Here, we break down some of the components […]

February 12, 2013

Children’s Bathrooms: Five Fun, Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

You can have a lot of fun designing bathrooms for the kids in your life. There are practical things to consider, like making it easier for them to reach sinks and towels. And then, of course, there are the colors and decorations that make bathrooms extra appealing for “youngens.” Here are a few great looks […]

January 30, 2013

White Bathrooms: 10 Inspired White Bathrooms

From walls to fixtures to towels, one of the most popular bathroom colors has always been white. It’s classic, clean and calming – the perfect combination for the place you prepare for the day, or take refuge at night. So kick off your slippers and step inside the wonderful world of white bathrooms. Here are […]

January 10, 2013

Stylish Holiday Décor for the Bathroom

One of the most fun, festive parts of the holiday season is sprucing up your home with garlands and ornaments. We firmly believe that holiday decorating shouldn’t be limited to the living room or dining room. With that in mind, we’ve decided to highlight some lovely holiday decorating ideas for – you guessed it – […]

December 19, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas for: The Spa-Lover

Who doesn’t deserve a little pampering?!  This holiday season give the gift of pure relaxation and tranquility. We’ve gathered up a few of our favs, but there are a ton of combinations! Check out this combo that features a Pacifica soy-based scented candle, some makeup washcloths (perfect for removing any skincare products as well as […]

December 18, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas – For the Minimalist

Earlier this week, we had some ideas for The Lounger in your life, and today, we put together this idea for the “The Minimalist”. These are the sort of people who love life’s simple pleasures: a long hot soak in the tub, and a towel that envelops them. He or she isn’t a “fussy” type. […]

December 14, 2012

Turtle Rescue Update

Last Friday, we were thrilled to donate a carload of towels to support the rescue efforts for the endangered sea turtles being treated at the New England Aquarium’s Animal Care Center in Quincy, Massachusetts. The center has had more than 150 turtles come through their doors, all in need of care. As you can see […]

December 12, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas – For the Lounger In Your Life

This week we are putting together some holiday gift giving ideas for all the people in your life. Here’s one we all know: The Lounger. They work hard during the week, and cherish their weekends! The Lounger loves to linger over a cup of coffee, stretch out the morning for as long as possible, and […]

Stuff Your Stockings! Holiday Gift Ideas

Around this time every year, your thoughts are probably bubbling over with ideas for gifts and goodies – both the under-the-tree kind and the stuffed-in-a-stocking variety. We’re delighted to chime in with some holiday gift idea of our own! The Black Makeup Washcloth – The Ideal Stocking Stuffer Presenting the black makeup washcloth, an ingenious […]

December 10, 2012

Saving the Turtles, One Towel at a Time

For most of us, stepping out of a warm, soothing bath and bundling up in a cozy towel is a luxury – one of life’s simple pleasures. But for the endangered sea turtles being treated at the New England Aquarium’s Animal Care Center in Quincy, Massachusetts, it’s a little more serious. In fact, it’s a […]

December 9, 2012

10 Unusual Bathtubs You’ll Fall In Love With

When it comes to getting clean, we like to think outside the standard issue bathtub and explore some of the more unusual options out there. Designers are now challenging the norm, and exploring new ideas and tub concepts – from slippers to ships and beyond. Here are a few that tickle our fancy. Gliding into […]

November 19, 2012

Indulge Your Fantasies in Spa-Like Bathrooms

At the end of the day, we dream of unwinding in a long, hot, bubbly bath. Of sliding under the steaming water and letting our cares wash away. But just imagine if that bath were in a room that came with all the comforts of a first-rate spa. And if that bathroom were in your […]

October 29, 2012

Picking Up Steam on Pinterest

The Turkish Towel Company is now on Pinterest! We’ve been getting our feet wet creating some boards, and wanted to share a few snapshots with you. We’re new, so please feel free to send us your Pinterest tips – we want to make a big splash. And we’d love to have you follow us! For […]

October 18, 2012

Recyled Glass Flooring Tile: An Eco Treat for Your Feet!

When it comes to bathroom flooring, there is a world of options out there. One of the biggest trends we are seeing is a move toward greener, more sustainable bathroom flooring. Recycled glass tile as a bathroom floor choice has been growing and growing in popularity. An utterly beautiful option, recycled glass tiles are long-lasting, […]

September 3, 2012

How Many Towels to Bring to College

It’s that time again, when kids are packing up to go to college. One of the questions we hear is: How many towels should my son or daughter take to college? Of course there are a number of factors to consider, like how much storage space there is and how often your kids like to […]

August 15, 2012

Lapping It Up in 3 Luxury Bathtubs

You know you’re sitting in the lap of luxury when your bathtub costs more than a new sports car – or 10. Wealthier shoppers are trending toward very exclusive tubs made of precious materials. We’d say they’re priceless, but they come with some pretty hefty tags. Still, it’s fun to imagine soaking up the suds […]

July 11, 2012

Spotlight On: Espresso

One of the more popular colors in our Zenith towels is the Espresso color. So why did we call it Espresso and not just “Dark Brown”? Because we are an online retailer, we like to give our towels color names that have instant color connotations. New Leaf, Butter Cream, Espresso, Cobalt… as you say them, […]

June 20, 2012

Taking the Indoors Out

More and more we are seeing outdoor bathing and showering areas, from dreamy and romantic, to rustic and charming. Today’s homeowners are looking to turn their backyards, decks and unused outdoor spaces into entertainment areas, and spa environments. We’ve gathered a few options to get your creative juices flowing. From Victoria & Albert comes this […]

June 4, 2012