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Laundry Tips During a Pandemic

From washing hands for 20 seconds to coughing and sneezing into our elbow to implementing social distancing, we’ve all heard the health recommendations designed to keep us safe and reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. However, lately, we’ve been fielding questions about laundry – particularly washcloths and towels. If no one is sick in your […]

March 21, 2020

What the Heck is Towelgevity™ Anyway?

Throughout our website you may see references to Towelgevity™. This is our proprietary weaving and production process that ensures a long-lasting, highly durable towel. And, you won’t find it anywhere else. It’s the care, attention and expertise that separates us from every other towel out there. Our family-run mill is owned by co-founder, Seher Gürgün, […]

March 11, 2020

How Often Should You Wash Your Towels?

Ask a mom how often you should wash your towels and she might say “After every use.” Ask a 20-something, and they might have a more relaxed attitude, washing them when they stop passing the “sniff test.” GE conducted a poll about laundry habits, publishing the results on National Laundry Day (April 15, in case […]

February 21, 2020

Tips to Solve Your Top 5 Bath Towel Problems

Problem 1: They Smell Funky Baking soda naturally eliminates musty odors that may have built up – say, if you left damp towels lying around in a gym bag or in a pile on the bathroom floor. Just mix half a cup of baking soda with your normal amount of detergent.   Problem 2: They […]

December 18, 2019

Truth, Lies & Laundry

There are a ton of laundry and towel tips out there on the Internet. But it can be confusing. Some say you need to wash your towels in hot, hot water to get then hygienically clean. Others say cold water wash. So, what gives? Get ready to bust a few myths.   Myth 1: You […]

February 15, 2019

Twyla’s Top Stain Removal Tips

Our B&B rep, Twyla, has an extensive background in hospitality, and she knows a thing or two about keeping towels and linens looking fabulous. As a former hotel manager Twyla has seen it all! Better yet, she’s armed with a near-endless supply of smart, budget-conscious and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Twyla was kind enough to put […]

August 21, 2018

Why Are Towels Hard After Washing?

Imagine this: You’ve spent a long week drying people off, absorbing all the residue that comes from regular exposure to oil and dirt. At the end of it all, what you really need is a warm soak and some gentle care. Instead you get: An overload of harsh detergent that strips you of your natural […]

September 30, 2014

How Do I Keep Towels Soft?

It’s a hard life, being a towel. All that hard water and friction can really wear a fabric down. Not to mention regular exposure to oil and soil. Even our fluffy, luxurious Turkish towels need a little TLC now and then, to keep them feeling their best. If you’ve ever asked the question ‘How do […]

December 4, 2013

Laundry Tips: 6 Ways to Save Money & Energy!

Laundry is one of those inevitable things – we all have to do it! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American family does nearly 400 loads of laundry each year. And, of course, that costs money – in electricity, water, detergent and other associated costs. We’ve put together some tips to help you […]

January 22, 2013

Twyla’s Top 10 Laundry Tips

Our B&B rep, Twyla, has an extensive background in hospitality, and she knows a thing or two about keeping towels and linens looking fabulous. (In fact, Twyla will be part of “The Down & Dirty on the New Up & Clean (While Being Green)” workshop for the upcoming PAII conference in Las Vegas in January […]

August 27, 2012
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