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Crafting a Better Bathrobe

What separates our bathrobes from others? It’s all in the details. Here are a few things we are doing differently to craft a robe that meets exacting five-star hotel standards.


The Collar

Sometimes, with kimono-style robes, once they are washed, the collar will slightly warp and no longer lay flat against the skin. One solution is to iron it. And seriously, we know you’ve got better things to do with your time. That’s why all of our kimono-style robes have five rows of stitching along the lengths to create a sturdier collar that never puckers or warps and always looks perfect.


The Door Hanging Loop

All of our robes come with a handy loop sewn into the collar, so you can easily hang your robe on a door hook. As a constant point of contact, these little loops take a lot of wear and tear, and need to be super-strong. Not only do we give this loop more fabric to it stronger, but we also sew it across the back, rather than into the seams for a clean finished look and making it less likely to tear.


The Belt

Who wants a belt that frays or starts to split at the seams? No one, that’s who! Rather than just stitching the belt along the seams, we start by double folding the material, so – just like the door loop – there’s more material for a more solid belt. Then, instead of a single stitched seam, we have five rows of stitching along the length of the belt to give it more tensile strength, and ensure that it doesn’t come apart at the seams.


All Seams & Stitching

Most robes are made using a set amount of stitches per inch. This is the standard process. The stitches per inch has a tremendous impact on the strength of the seam. That’s why we’ve increased the number of stitches per inch.


If you are looking for a quality product, it’s the small finishes that make a big difference.


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