How Many Towels Should I Own? - The Turkish Towel Company

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How Many Towels Should I Own?

One of the questions we get often hear is, “How many towels should I own?”

Well, the answer varies depending on physical factors like how many people live in the house, how many bathrooms there are and how much closet space is available.

It also changes depending on lifestyle; for instance, how often and how many guests come to visit, whether your kids have swim lessons, etc., etc. (And, potentially, how often you like to do laundry!)

But, a safe rule of thumb as a minimum is this:

Number of people living in the house
Number of guest bathrooms
X 2
= Sets of bath towels and washcloths

For hand towels, we recommend owning 2 per bathroom. And, each bathroom should have a bath mat, and there should be a spare. For example, if your house has 3 bathrooms, you should have 4 bath mats.

This won’t work for everyone, of course. Particularly if you have a lot of guests staying over the holiday, or several teenagers in the household, you will need additional towels!  Some households allot 3-4 towels and washcloths per person. But, it is a good place to start.