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How to Choose Quality Towels

Giving into a hot, relaxing bath is one of life’s simple pleasures. Finishing your bath off by bundling up in a soft, cozy towel is another. But how do you pick a towel that’s right for you and will last for years? How do you discern quality? Here, we break down some of the components that make up a quality towel, helping you choose the very best towels for your post-bath ritual.

Understand the Types of Cotton

Towels can be made from different types of cotton, and, like most things, each has its own strengths. Egyptian cotton is especially absorbent, making it ideal for apparel and sheets. But when used in towels, that extra absorbency can be inconvenient, because it means they take a long time to dry. Turkish cotton, on the other hand, provides the perfect balance between absorbency and softness. That’s why we always use it in our towels.

Understand the Weave

Towels can also be woven in different ways: ring-spun, combed or twisted fiber. Each weave has a different feel. We always use ring-spun cotton, because it yields the softest, most durable towels. It’s made by tightly twisting long and short threads together to create the strongest, smoothest yarn possible.

When choosing a towel, there’s another component to consider – one that goes part and parcel with the weave: the pile, also known as the loops of the towel. Whether or not your towel is single loop or double loop will affect its absorbency.

Both single loop and double loop towels are highly absorbent, but single loop dries a bit faster. That’s partly why single loop is the most common type of towel construction. On the other hand, double loop towels are more dense and feel more luxurious to the touch, so depending on what you’re looking for, you may be willing to wait a little longer for dry towels.

Understand GSM

GSM – short for “grams per square meter” – offers a standard number by which fabrics are measured. The higher a fabric’s GSM, the denser, and therefore more absorbent, the fabric will be.

You can use our GSM guide to figure out which density is right for you. But in general, you should look for a towel with a GSM of at least 500. Our high-quality Turkish cotton towels tend toward the heavier side (600+), making them extremely absorbent.

Look for the Details

In a quality towel, particular attention is paid to the stitching and finishing. So when you’re choosing which product to buy, have a look at the seams and detailing. All our towels are double-stitched along the lengths to avoid fraying and for added stability.

Look at the Price

You know the saying “Cheap is expensive”? That’s a helpful tip when making purchases, and towels are no exception. We’re not saying you need to break the bank when it’s time for new towels. But buying quality towels is an investment; they’ll easily last 10 years, and, with their timeless appeal, will look good with almost any décor. So keep that in mind when you’re weighing the odds of low price vs. lasting value.

Surround Yourself with Quality

Once you know what makes a high-quality towel, you’ll be ready to choose the best towel for your needs. And just like that, you can transform bathing from one of life’s simple pleasures to one of life’s greatest pleasures.