Yoku - The Turkish Towel Company

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  1. Drayson Helberg (verified owner)

    Yoku Bath Sheet

    Nice quality, slightly undersized.

    We bought a couple of these on sale to see if we wanted to commit to a full set once white came back in stock. The batch sheets a a few inches under sized in width when compared to other bath sheets we have. I didn’t think I’d miss them as much as I do. Me being 6’1″ found them a touch short, but it was no biggie. My fiance, who is 5’4″ found them shorter that her preference when wrapped from chest down.

  2. Drayson Helberg (verified owner)

    Yoku Hand Towel

    It’s a hand towel alright.

  3. james pollock (verified owner)

    Yoku Hand Towel

    very absorbant

  4. james pollock (verified owner)

    Yoku Bath Sheet

  5. Rui Carlos da Cunha (verified owner)

    Yoku Bath Sheet

    Thin. Light. But nothing like the Zenith line of bath towels. Not worth the money spent. It works but I won’t buy more even if they’re on sale. Leave them for somebody else to buy.

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