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  1. terri (verified owner)

    Peshtemal Stripe Bath Towel

    I heard how amazing these towels were but wasn’t all in until I ordered my first one. I used the towel a couple of days then washed it and had my husband try it, in the mean time I had to go back to a regular towel. After using this towel and going back to a regular towel, I could tell the difference. My husband liked it and did notice a difference as well. The towels are light weight and dry quickly. I just came back and ordered three more plus the 4-piece stripe everyday towel. I highly recommend these towels!!!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    4-Piece Stripe Everyday Towel

    Love the quality, bought 2 sets of 4ea.
    Split them up into gifts for 4 people (I was one of the people 😁)!
    They are lovely to use and to look at.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Peshtemal Stripe Bath Towel

  4. Steven Link (verified owner)

    Peshtemal Stripe Bath Towel

    Much to light weight. Looking for a very heavy weight towel. Willing to pay for quality

  5. Dara (verified owner)

    Peshtemal Stripe Bath Towel

    This towel is more expensive than some others but it is more substantial and feels better and better after each washing.

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