black makeup washcloths
  • black makeup washcloths


We have a great solution to make-up stains – our black makeup washcloths. These black makeup washcloths are laundry lifesavers! Better yet, they are so soft on your face. Don’t ruin another set of towels again!

These black makeup washcloths are made of premium Turkish cotton that actually gets softer with each successive washing. You can never have too many!  Use the black makeup washcloths in these ways:

  • Put them in your master bath
  • In your guest bath
  • Give them to your teens
  • As a housewarming gift
  • They make a great hostess gift
  • Ideal as a holiday stocking stuffer

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  1. What an amazing idea… Wish I’d thought of this a long time ago before I’d stained all my white ones at home. I was introduced to this product while I was a guest At The Whitestone Country Inn, Kingston, TN.

  2. We stayed at the Addison on Amelia for the weekend. They had these in our bathroom. Loved the idea and they were great – very soft! Also loved the Turkish towels as well. They had your collection. I’m hooked on them now!

  3. I used this towel as a guest at the Voght farm bed and breakfast. This was very soft and much more gentle on my face than using a generic wash cloth. I was so thankful the website was printed on the tag! These advertise for themselves!

  4. I just stayed at the RoseMary Inn in NJ….not only was it beautifu and the food fantastic, they had the cutest towels….YOURS! What a great idea, can’t wait to own my very own!

  5. The beautiful Hotel Boheme in San Francisco’s North Beach had these, and I agree with the other commentators – what a great idea! I’m getting a pack to give out to my ladyfriends this Christmas.

  6. The perfect gift. I keep getting rave reviews from the recipients so I’m always running out…

  7. We just came back from the Lake Pointe Inn at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland and they had the black Makeup washcloths! LOVE them!!!! As the other reviewer said, I’m so glad the website was on the tag! These are awesome!!!!! What a great idea!

  8. We are staying at the fantastic Seven Gables Inn in Pacific Grove, CA and they had the “makeup” towels – I love them!
    I purchased three for myself and daughters. Finally no more staining of my good towels.

  9. I love these washcloths. I just discovered them a month ago when I was at the 1840 Tuckerhouse Bed and Breakfast in Louisville, KY.

  10. I just returned from a stay at the beautiful Bleckley Inn in Anderson, SC and really felt pampered to have the Makeup cloths. I am ordering some to give for Christmas gifts – and of course, one for myself!

  11. I just LOVE these washcloths! Have used them at several different B&B’s across the south, and most recently at The Ant Street Inn in Brenham, TX, which is when I decided to look for these for myself. So glad to have found them! I will be using them in my guestroom, as well as for myself!

  12. Just used the Makeup washcloth at the Brackenridge House, San Antonio…Going to order these for my visitors that wear a lot of makeup!

  13. I used this at the Lord Camden Inn. I absolutely LOVE these towels. Such a great a idea.

  14. I used these at the Lakehouse B & B in Canyon Lake, Texas and I just thought they were the coolest thing and the nicest touch from a host! I will be buying these for my home!

  15. Used them for the 2nd time at the Inn at the Black Olive this weekend. Forgot to get the info about the ‘makeup towels’ the last time…I didn’t forget it this time!!

  16. Just returned from a stay at Ship Knee’s B&B, Orleans, MA (Cape Cod). I found these makeup cloths were the greatest – sure beats the old white washcloths. Will be placing an order for my bathroom

  17. Just to say that I have discovered these wonderful black washcloths @ the White Doe Inn in Manteo NC, and brought the idea back to Europe for my homes and gifts for all my girlfriends.

  18. We LOVED the surprise. It was Mother’s day weekend…we were doing the girlfriend/mother daughter day at Historic Smithville, NJ. We “heard tales about the Jersey Devil, but instead an Angel from the Colonial Inn left us a fantastic idea!! The MAKEUP washcloth!! We stayed in the “Barn” and partied like animals, shopping all day…when we were shopped out and Mom’s mascara was smeared all over from happy tears…we LOVED using the MAKEUP washcloth! THANK YOU!

  19. These wash cloths are simply amazing! Great quality and they wash well. I am replacing my first sets for the guest and master baths. They have held up beautifully for over two years!

  20. My family owns Granite Ridge a Estate, a destination wedding barn venue In Maine and we just started using these wonderful make up cloths. My guests klike them so much that I have to re order more! They are saving my regular washcloths. Thank you!

  21. At the wonderful Norumbega Inn in Camden, ME, yours are the towels that they use and we loved them. So absorbent AND soft. And I think the ‘makeup’ cloth is ingenious. So now I hope to get our own.

  22. (verified owner)

    Used these at the Margarita European Inn in Evanston, Illinois.. Loved them and am ordering them for my home guest bathrooms.

  23. (verified owner)

    I was given one of these washclothes in a house warming giftbasket and loved it! Not just because i wasn’t ruining my white washclothes with my eye makeup, but that they were so much gentler on my face and eyes, but still effective. I came to the website as it was on the tag, and I ordered 6 for myself. When they went on sale, I ordered 6 more for myself and 6 for each of my young adult daughters! I leave them in my guest bath when others are visiting and also advised my sister in law to get them for my niece who is a makeup artist, she did and she loves them! Must have, must buy!!!!

  24. I found these wonderful makeup washclothes while currently staying @ The Belvedere Hotel NYC and absolutely love them! They are softer than other facial washclothes I used to remove my makeup and I don’t have to worry about awful stains. I’m ordering a set today so that they’ll be home when I leave NY. I wish I would have stumbled upon these a long time ago. Thanks for the label advertisement.

  25. This is such a great idea. I first used one while at the Hyatt in Key West (they had them in the bathroom and when I got home I googled to look for it). My white towels will no longer get ruined!

  26. (verified owner)

    I love these to death! Please don’t discontinue. I have ordered several times!

  27. The best ever! Was great for removing my makeup on my sensitive facial skin. now I won’t have to ruin my white wash cloths and have to throw them away. Even after washing you can’t remove the stains. Love the black makeup washcloths. Thanks

  28. I’d love to order some of these but the online orders appear limited to USA and Canada. Is it possible to send to Australia?

    • Sure, just write us and tell us what you want and we’ll figure the cost of sending them to you and get back to you with the total.


      The Turkish Towel Company

  29. I love these wash clothes. I discovered them while staying at Boone Tavern Inn in Berea, Ky

  30. Love these I stayed at The Three Fifty Hotel in Palm Springs they have them,, I found them!! what a great Idea..

  31. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these for my rental properties and my home!

  32. Love, love, love the makeup washcloths. Have crochet a scalloped edge on them and given them to family and friends with a nice bar of soap for presents. They all love them also! Great idea!

  33. Stayed at The Speckled Hen Bed and Breakfast in Madison, Wisconsin and they had these Makeup washcloths in the bathrooms for the guests to use. They are great! Very absorbent and soft and didn’t feel bad if I accidently didn’t get all the makeup off my face and left a trace on the washcloth.

  34. Love these super soft towels! I really like the fact I can now toss all my white makeup stained towels, I believe I first tried one of these at a hotel in Cambria, (maybe Little Sur Inn).
    I am also now carrying these in my Makeup Studio for clients.

  35. Hello I’m interested in ordering the makeup towels and I am a new customer. I wanted to know if you offer free shipping for new customers?

    • Hi Stacey, at this time we do not offer free shipping. Thanks.

  36. (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough great things about these washcloths. Like everyone before me has said, they are just awesome! The quality and durability are what makes them a wonderful addition to present to guests. I use them everyday and find that the more I wash them the softer they get. I got the idea to order my own after using at many different of my favorite B & B’s like The Chanticleer at Lookout Mountain, The Meeting Street Inn in Charleston, SC and The Black Walnut in Asheville, NC.

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