Kind Earth towels are made from super soft, extra-long staple organic GOTS-certified cotton and Oeko-Tex certified.. Sustainably made, these towels are more absorbent and faster drying than traditional cotton towels. In an independent test conducted by Revolve Laundry showed that they “outperform traditional hotel towels while providing significant energy and labor savings by reducing total washing and drying times” Less bulky, you can wash more per load; Kind Earth towels required 36% fewer loads (and related labor, water and energy costs) than a traditional hotel towel – for a savings of approximately 785 -1210 gallons of water per 800 towels.

Kind Earth towels are made using SoftFlex Technology™, which involves a special spinning process that gently fluffs and gathers the yarn allowing air to pass through the fibers. This proprietary process gives you all the softness, comfort, and superior absorbency of a heavier towel, yet also delivers quick drying convenience.

These towels also come with the Towelgevity™ guarantee of incredible tensile strength and durability so they typically last 2-3 times longer than comparable hospitality towels.

10 reviews for Kind Earth Bath Towel

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Candace Keeney (verified owner)

    Just as described, these towels are lightweight but absorbent and dry nicely. Felt better after washed a couple of times, and I lightly tumbled them in the dryer and hung them to dry and they still stayed soft and comfy.

  3. Pat Clopp (verified owner)

  4. Terri (verified owner)

    l love a thin absorbent towel and this is it.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Kind Earth Bath towels are very soft and absorbent. They are lightweight enough to use as towel turban to dry my hair.

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