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The Zenith bath sheet is ultra stylish, wonderfully deep, and plush. Thick closely woven double-loops make these hotel-quality bath sheets sumptuously soft. The Zenith Towel Collection is ultra absorbent with a great looking ribbed bottom border. Bring luxury hotel style into your home! Made from 100% premium Turkish cotton.

What’s a bath sheet?

Quite simply, a bath sheet is just like a bath towel, except larger — both in length and width. These bath sheets are 36” X 66” which means more absorbency and more to wrap around you! If you find that you need two towels to dry off, or that a bath towel just doesn’t cut it for wrapping around your body, then a bath sheet is the way to go.

Key buying considerations for Zenith bath sheets include:

  • Bath sheets are larger
  • Bath sheets are more absorbent.
  • Bath sheets are usually more expensive, due to size and luxury.
  • Bath sheets are perfect for wrapping around your body, but are too big to wrap around your hair.

37 reviews for Zenith Bath Sheet

  1. Alison S. (verified owner)

    Love them. Thick and luxurious.

  2. John Taylor (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. James Gallen (verified owner)

    Best of the best as usual…

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Not as absorbent as expected

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