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These luxury towels are ultra stylish, wonderfully deep, and plush. Thick closely woven double-loops make these hotel-quality bath towels sumptuously soft.

The Zenith Towel Collection is ultra absorbent with a great looking ribbed bottom border. Bring luxury hotel style into your home!


  1. Janet Gilroy-Lewis

    Stayed at The Inn at the Round Barn a few weeks back. Fell in love with the towels. My husband is still talking about them. Want to surprise him for his 68th birthday!

  2. Funda Ray

    Stayed at The Saint Paul Hotel in St Paul Minnesota last night … Fell in love with these wonderful towels, I am definetely ordering 2 sets for me and my family. Thank you for the wonderful product!

  3. Stephanie

    I purchased several sets of these towels last year, and have been very pleased with the workmanship. Zenith towels are highly absorbent. They also add a decorative touch to the bathroom.

  4. Robert Walker

    In our stay at the Captain Lord Inn in Kennebunkport these towels were featured and on returning home we just had to order a set. Very high and understated quality.

  5. Anne Tuset

    Stayed at the Blacksmith Inn on the Shore in Baileys Harbor, WI. These towels are fabulous–fell in love! Would highly recommend!!!

  6. Laura Yablonski

    Excellent ! Value per cost. Order again please whenever sales discount is available.

  7. walli

    I bought a set of these several years ago and they have held up beautifully! They still look as good as the day I bought them. I highly recommend these towels.

  8. Cherie

    I honestly cannot remember how I stumbled upon these towels, but they are THE ONLY towels I will have in my home. I get the Zenith ones because they have the most color choices, and very luxurious to wrap yourself up in after a shower or bath. Yes, they are more expensive than the kind you’d get at name brand department store, but the quality is hands down the best you’ll find, and they will hold up over time. I’ve even bought sets for my family, and they LOVE them. You will never go back to department store towels again.

  9. Lynn Denny

    Just recently stayed at the Speckled Hen Inn Bed and Breakfast in Madison, Wisconsin where they use these towels and I fell in love with them. After stepping out of the shower, you barely have to move the towel over your skin and you’re dry. The towels are soft and very absorbent. I’m thinking of buying these as a present for my daughters and a set for myself.

  10. Jon (verified owner)

    just the best. can’t wait to take a shower in the morning!

  11. Caren (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was my second order of the Zenith Complete Bath Set. I stumbled across this towel set in a Hotel in New York City and was super impressed by the quality of these towels. They are very soft, have a nice weight to them, are very well made and hold up really well.

  13. Georgann W. (verified owner)

  14. Rita B. (verified owner)

    I ordered a Zenith Bath Towel set for my guest room and incoming house guests. They loved the towels so much they ordered a set for themselves before returning home! I then ordered a second set for myself! Once you use a Zenith Towel from The Turkish Towel Company you’ll never go back to department store towels!

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

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