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Stuff Your Stockings! Holiday Gift Ideas

Around this time every year, your thoughts are probably bubbling over with ideas for gifts and goodies – both the under-the-tree kind and the stuffed-in-a-stocking variety. We’re delighted to chime in with some holiday gift idea of our own!

The Black Makeup Washcloth – The Ideal Stocking Stuffer

Presenting the black makeup washcloth, an ingenious option for stain-free makeup removal. Why smear your good white towels when you can clean your face with a soft, gentle black washcloth that won’t look any worse for wear, no matter what makeup you’ve got on. Eyeliner, mascara, lipstick – whatever it is, this washcloth is up to the task.

Black Makeup Washcloths

These items make the perfect stocking stuffer for the women in your life. And at the great price of six for $49, why not treat them all? Show mom, daughters, sisters, aunts, and of course your BFF what the spirit of giving is all about.

Mix and Match for the Glam Gal in Your Life

For bigger gift ideas, try combining the black makeup washcloth with a few other trinkets to create the perfect present.

Pair the washcloth with a silky shower wrap and this season’s must-have red lipstick – sure to satisfy any true makeup diva. Shown: The Velour Shower Wrap, one of the Huffington’s Post’s “Standout Shades”, D&G’s Attractive Monica Lipstick and our  Black Makeup Washcloths.