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Survey Says: Hotel Guests DO Care About Your Towels

Are you ready for the dirty truth about towels? Quality matters. And towels at hotels and inns have a significant impact on how people perceive each venue.

American Laundry News conducted a survey of 1,200 travelers to gauge the impact towels had on hotel guests’ overall experience.

Here’s what they found:

Bad towels are a disservice. Fully 77% of respondents said that they read online reviews before booking at hotels. Now consider this: 33% stated that they would write a negative online review if they weren’t satisfied with the hotel’s towels. Perhaps even more striking, 52% reported that they’d already posted negative reviews because of unsatisfactory towels! If your towels aren’t up to snuff, people will find out about it – and it will influence whether or not they stay at your hotel.

Good towels yield repeat guests. When it comes to choosing whether to return to a hotel, 73% of participants said that quality is a deciding factor. And 94% stated that towel quality in particular plays a role in determining overall satisfaction with hotel stays.

The bottom line is this: When it comes to towel quality, reputation will always come out in the wash.

It pays to pick the right towels for your hotel or inn. So put a premium on high-quality products – like our luxury Turkish towels.