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The Case for Colored Towels

Yeah, we know we’ve waxed poetic about the timeless elegance of white towels before, but for those color aficionados out there (you know who you are!), there’s a strong case for investing in colored towels.

From soft pastels to rich, bold colors, there’s a whole spectrum of color to choose from, and here are the benefits of opting for a colored towel.

Instant Makeover

Sometimes the smallest update makes a big impact on the overall bathroom aesthetic. Consider changing the color of your towels for a fresh new look and instant makeover. Darker neutral colors, like a charcoal grey, are on-trend, bringing in a high-end feel and a touch of glamor. Softer colors evoke a sense of calm and a spa-like environment.

A New Bold Look

If you want to bring in a punch of color, but don’t want the long-term commitment of paint, wallpaper or tile, brightly colored towels are your new best friend. Bright or dramatic colors instantly give any bath a pop of color, and a bold designer look.

Coordinated Looks

Patterned or colored towels can accent your design or color scheme for each bathroom in your house. Choosing a color towel allows you to accent that look, with complimentary or contrasting colors.