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The Zen Mom

If you saw last week’s tongue-in-cheek quiz “Which Robe for Mom?” you’ll see that we presented some different types of Moms. (Click on the graphic there to the left to take a peek.) There’s a good chance your Mom is a bit of all of them. This week, leading up to Mother’s Day, we thought we would profile each type. Like you, we all have a Mom we love very much and we would like to pay tribute to mothers everywhere.

The Zen Mom – She seeks serenity in a chaotic world, and is an expert at family peace negotiations. This Mom knows that you can’t get too caught up in the crazy and frenetic pace of modern life. She understands that simplicity creates calmness. She seeks to create an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere where she can have the quiet to just think and relax.

She keeps her family close, but knows when to let others fight their own battles. She sees all around her with clarity and lets the ripples flow away from her. Like the rock in the middle of a zen garden, she captures and radiates warmth, is strong, and holds her place still.

Some Moms find that tranquility in a spa where the ambiance is peaceful and quiet. She’ll feel a bit closer to that Zen feeling each time she puts on our Kimono Terry robe, on sale now until May 7th 2012.