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The Zoo Keeper

We’re continuing to look at our tongue-in-cheek quiz “Which Robe for Mom?” where we presented some different types of Moms. (Click on the graphic there to the left to take a peek.) There’s a good chance your Mom is a bit of all of them. This week, leading up to Mother’s Day, we thought we would profile each type. Like you, we all have a Mom we love very much and we would like to pay tribute to mothers everywhere.

The Zoo Keeper – This mom looks after an active and social family. From after school visits to sleepovers, her kids’ friends know that her house is the center for drop-in fun. She always makes enough for dinner to feed an extra body at the table. But don’t think it’s a free ride. She’ll crack the occasional whip to make sure that everyone does their part to pitch-in and help.

When the kids bring home another stray – animal or human – she’ll make them feel welcome for their visit, then make sure they have a safe home to go to. She’s eagle-eyed to spot trouble, and fearless in defending her family, so think twice about misbehaving in her zoo.

This Mom loves to kick back and enjoy the ringside seat of her own family circus. She can be the ultimate lounge lizard in the Shawl Collar Velsoft robe. With velvety fleece on both sides, we think Mom would love one. On sale now until May 7th, 2012.