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We Make the World’s Best Towels. Just Saying.

The Turkish Towel Company’s towels are the world standard. And, that’s not just bravado.

But first, a little background… did you know that Turkey is acknowledged to the birthplace of the towel? These early towels were flat-woven peshtemals that played a central part in Turkish bath culture. As the Ottoman Empire expanded throughout Europe, so did the demand for towels. Turkish weavers, aided by their knowledge of carpet weaving added a new innovation, a loop that protrudes from the pile of the material – the first terry cotton towels.

So, why are we setting the standard for today’s modern towels? Here are just a handful of reasons:

1. We use only premium Turkish cotton. Known for its long fibers that result in stronger and smoother threads, Turkish cotton is known around the world for its incredible softness and durability.

2. We bring decades of experience to every towel. Our woman-owned mill is run by Seher Gurgun, a 4th generation weaver. Her expertise and knowledge of towel-making is unmatched.

3. We have a higher standard of quality. Extra attention is paid to the finishing of the seams, and our towels are inspected 4 times before leaving the mill.

4. Our towels last longer. Don’t take our word for it… we have had independent testing comparing the durability of our towels to another popular brand. Our towels actually get stronger and more durable with each successive washing.

5. All of our products are OEKO-TEX certified. They are made without harmful chemicals, toxins or irritants. They are safe for your family and safe for the planet.

6. We are continually lowering our carbon footprint. Because we only use premium Turkish cotton and make everything in Turkey, it ensures traceability and reduces our carbon footprint.

7. We pioneered sustainable, eco-friendly towels, introducing towels like Peshtemals and our Peshterry towels to the North American market. These towels take up less space, less water to wash and less energy to dry.

8. Every employee is fairly paid and works in safe, healthy conditions. Our company is committed to creating an inclusive accessible workplace.

9. Our designs are modern classics. We know that our towels will last you longer than other brands, so we ensure timeless, elegant styles and collections.

10. We want you to be happy. If any towel or robe fails due to a manufacturing defect or during normal use, we will replace the product.