Why Buy White Towels?

White towels… they’re synonymous with luxury, comfort and hospitality. But many people hesitate about buying white, worried that they require extra care.  It simply isn’t the case. They actually hold up better than color towels, over the long run. Here are a few reasons you may wish to keep some white towels in stock for guest towels, as well as everyday towels.

What are the advantages to buying white towels versus color towels?

  •  – Nothing delivers the classic upscale bathroom spa ambiance more than a welcoming stack of folded fluffy white towels.
  •  – White is timeless and never goes out of style.
  •  – White takes the strongest laundering.
  •  – White never fades.
  •  – White can be bleached.
  •  – White can be washed with all other white linens.
  •  – You don’t have to worry if your white towels accidentally come in contact with bathroom cleaners that contain bleach.
  •  – While color towels often have a seasonal duration, you don’t have to worry about white being discontinued. It’s a bathroom linen basic.


  1. Barbara Hall

    The label on my hotel luxury towels says not to bleach. Why? I can’t get them nice and white like they were when I purchased them. Can bleach still be used?

    1. charlotte

      Hi Barbara, it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but alternatives to bleach include adding some white vinegar to the wash, or washing with Borax or putting them out on the line on a sunny day to dry.

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