What’s the Best Color for Towels?

March 22, 2022 / in

People often ask us what’s the best color of towel to buy. And, while color can be a matter of personal taste, there’s a strong case to be made for why white towels are a classic. White towels synonymous with luxury, comfort and hospitality. Here are a few reasons you may wish to keep some white towels in stock for guest towels, as well as everyday towels.

White Towels Are Easy to Clean

One of  the reasons many people hesitate about buying white is that they are worried that they require extra care.  It simply isn’t the case. They actually hold up better than color towels, over the long run. White towels can take the strongest laundering. If there is a stain, just use some peroxide or Oxiclean to get it out, both products are less harsh on fabrics.

White Towels Never Go Out of Style

White is timeless and never goes out of style. No matter what color you paint your bathroom, what wallpaper you put up, what trends come and go… white will always be perfect.

Goodbye Plain Bathroom, Hello Spa

Everyone loves a little pampering, and to feel like our home is a little oasis in the world. And, nothing delivers the classic upscale bathroom spa ambiance more than a welcoming stack of folded fluffy white towels! If you want to instantly create a haven of calm, white towels are your new best friend.

Less Stress

Unlike with colored towels, you never have to worry about white fading… it’s just not going to happen. When it comes to bathroom cleaners with bleach in them, you don’t have to worry about those coming into contact with your white towels and ruining them.


While color towels often have a seasonal duration, you don’t have to worry about white being discontinued. It’s a bathroom linen basic. So, it’s aways available.

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