Towel Guide - The Turkish Towel Company

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Towel Guide

Our towels fall into three main categories


I want a towel that is...

Soft and absorbent

All of our towels are very soft and absorbent as they are made with Turkish cotton.

Ultra plush

Thick with a higher GSM: Zenith, Organic, Resort Hotel and Satin Stripe

Made from organic cotton

Organic, Kind Earth, Natura

Quick drying

Hangs dry more quickly: Kind Earth, Peshtemals

Good for traveling

Compact + quick-drying: Peshtemals, Kind Earth

Cushiony soft / textured


Has lots of color choices

Zenith, Lexi, Essence

A great hair towel

Everyday Peshtemal Stripe, Everyday Peshtemal Classic

Perfect for the beach

Sand just shakes off our Peshtemal towels!