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Organic – For those who care about the environment. Wrap yourself in the most naturally soft, eco-friendly cotton on Earth.

Grown free of all chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified seeds. Our organic towels are dyed using only eco-sensitive dyes. Our organic towels are the only truly luxury organic towels on the market today – thick, plush and luxurious.

100% organic Turkish cotton. It is your chance to directly contribute to the issues you care about.

5 reviews for Organic Complete Bath Set

  1. Stephen Martin (verified owner)

    Of my two ordered sets, this one was never received. So the poor rating is only for the it not being in hand. (yet ?)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great towels!

  3. John DeClue (verified owner)

  4. Cava Castagnaro

    I agree with Fahimee, these Turkish cotton towels are a Turkish delight!! I have found the towels in department stores are not very good anymore. Thank you for your beautiful and thirsty towels.

  5. Fahimee King

    The Inn at the Black Olive in Baltimore, MD had the Black Makeup Washcloths and the Organic Cotton Towel Collection in our jacuzzi suite. I found this website address on the label, so now I can purchase the luxurious collection for our home. This quality is NOT found in local stores (trust me… I’ve searched). Thank you Turkish Towel Company!

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