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Made from The Dries Itself Towel™ fabric! The Turkish Towel Company’s bathrobes all come from the legendary region of Denizli, Turkey. This is where the world’s finest cotton for towels and bathrobes has been grown since ancient times. These Turkish Peshterry® Linen bathrobes will make you feel like you are relaxing at the finest hotel or spa.

Luxury Turkish bathrobes for both men and women, all our bathrobes have:

  • Fabric belt
  • Are meticulously stitched to 5-star hotel standards
  • Inside hanger loops


  1. Samantha

    What a gorgeous robe! I received one as a gift and now want to gift them to all of my friends. It’s super soft and comfortable.

  2. Joseph D Hurley

    Gorgeous robe, soft as a cloud, and nice and cozy

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